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Pub crawl

June 21, 20171 Comment

So Saturday was a warm day in the UK. I went for a beard trim (and Mrs W came along) and it finished early so we decided to walk on the South Bank. This then lead to stopping off at The Anchor for a Gin and some food (and getting…

Early morning runs

June 21, 2017Comments Off on Early morning runs

If have started to do some running again. Instead of running after work I’m aiming to do so before work. To that end I have been running at 5:40am and it has been great. Does feel like being in the army again with the early wake up but do feel…

Brexit and government failure

June 13, 2017Comments Off on Brexit and government failure

Well. Another election has been completed and the Tories did not get the result they wanted again. Last year David Cameron called for a referendum on whether to leave the EU or stay (to make sure he kept control of the Tory party and not in the interests of the…

Walk last night

June 2, 2017Comments Off on Walk last night

Well. I went for a little walk last night around the area I live in – Barking Riverside and started walking down a new road which has been opened for cyclists and pedestrians. It was nice and quite so I could take some shots from road level (i.e. Lying down…

Bond in Motion and Neustar event

May 19, 2017Comments Off on Bond in Motion and Neustar event

Last night I was invited to an event at the Bind in Motion experience in Covent Garden by a registry services provider Neustar. It was a great evening of food, drinks, company and BOND vehicles. Had a great time remembering which car went with which Bind movie and scene. Awesome….

Morning run near work

May 17, 2017Comments Off on Morning run near work

Just did a run near work this morning. It was fun but tough. Now I have a better idea of the route the time should improve. Russell Square is great in the morning. And London is generally peaceful. Will do this more often as the shower at work is great. 

London walk

May 13, 2017Comments Off on London walk

Just been on a great walk along the Thames from Vauxhall to Tower Hill. It was a great walk and I feel great. I was saying the other day that London was very quite are the moment – well everyone was out today to proof me so wrong. It was…

Madrid run

May 9, 2017Comments Off on Madrid run

Had a great run in Madrid at the GDD Summit but Madrid did try to kill me. Went on a run past Real Madrid stadium and took a wrong turn and ended up running up some damn steep hills. Very tiring but I made it to the end of the…

Evening run

May 3, 2017Comments Off on Evening run

Damn that was great fun tonight. Really enjoyed the first 2.5km then hit a small wall. Enjoyed it again after 3km to 4km. Nice weather as well. Not cold but asome rain. 

New Mophie Jucie Pack and Wireless charging plate

April 26, 2017Comments Off on New Mophie Jucie Pack and Wireless charging plate

Today I received my Mophie Juice Pack Air Wireless battery case and also the Wireless charging plate¬†(usees technology known as Charge Force). So far (as per normal) the case fits smoothly and I’m loving the Wireless charging case which is perfect. As an iPhone user we never had the NFC…